In order to mitigate risk and run camp as safely as possible, we will need your full cooperation regarding COVID protocols.  Please read the following guidelines carefully.  Thank you!


1) There is a COVID screening form to be filled out and signed by parents every day.

Children will not be able to participate if this form is not signed and given to the coach EACH DAY.

2) Each child must bring  his/her own hand sanitizer every day and sanitize hands before and after every rehearsal.  This protocol will also be reminded /enforced by the coach.

3) If your coach is Audrey, you are requested to please wear a mask. 

4) Parents will be asked to drop off their children NOT MORE THAN 5 MINUTES before their designated hour and pick up immediately afterward.  Please follow the directions of entry and exit you are given on the first day.  There will be a 15 minute gap between each group to accommodate safe drop off and pick up.  Unfortunately parents are not allowed to stay and listen to the rehearsal (except on final day!)

5) Parents are asked to stay within close range and available by cell phone to pick up their child upon short notice should that be necessary.

6) THERE WILL BE NO WASHROOM USE AVAILABLE so please make sure your child has used the washroom prior to their coaching.

7) Children who show any signs of illness should stay at home and parents please notify Rosemary (cell: 778-872-3955)  if your child will not come.

8) Please do not bring food/snacks to the canopy.

9) Despite all of these strict protocols, the most important thing is to enjoy the chamber music and have fun!


Thank you for cooperating with these protocols.

Kind Regards,